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Dear all,

It is my honor to get your viewing my profile and I hope that you can get a good choice after referencing my tours.

I am here to give you another choice for your traveling plan when you are still wondering which tour guide you should choose. A tour guide is very important for your trip, even though you also have a lot of knowledge about tourism.

A tour guide will help you know more about Guilin, Yangshuo and even China. A tour guide will support you for what you want during the trip, so that you can enjoy it perfectly. A tour guide will help you know which place you should visit, what you should do, where you can relax yourself and enjoy the beautiful scenery... and tell you how to do, give you useful information about the local...etc...

If you want a tour guide who knows Guilin, Yangshuo well, who has good knowledgem about Chinese and China. You can contact me!

I also can support you with tours to Longsheng, Guizhou, Yunnan, Sichuan, Hunan, Xi'an, Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai,...

Why me?

1. I am your friend.

I do not regard you as a customer who I will charge money for what I do. I regard you as my friends who I will do with my heart and try my best to support to have a great trip.

2. Local tour guide with good English.

With a tour guide certificate, experience for nearly ten years and as a local tour guide, I am sure that I can communicate well with you to help you know much more about not only Guilin, but also other place, even China.

3. Many activities I can support you.

I can support you to join a lot of activities in the trip: Learn Tai chi, Learn cooking Chinese food, Find good place to take photos, Boating tours, Join art performance, Learn writing Chinese letter,...etc...

4. Peaceful tours, great time.

My duty is to bring a great trip, great time for you when you choose me. Always care about the quality of the trip for you, so I will do my best to help you relax greatly and make that time become a unforgettable time of yours.

Transportation by tour guide:
- Private bus
- Private car
- Public transportation
- Bicycle
- Or as per your request.

Tour guide interests:
- Travel
- Swimming
- Photography
- Cycling
- Cooking
- Music

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