Moez Sghaier

"National Professional Guide, Ministry of Tourism, Tunisia"

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入会日期: 六月, 2016


八月 2019
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I have over 20 years of experience as an official tour guide & translator. I know Tunisia extensively, including off-the-beaten track sites & villages. I can plan alternative, agritourism, cultural, archaeological & educational tours for you.
Cultural Tours, Archaeological programs (Roman Africa), Agritourism activities (olive & date harvests), off-the-beaten track (villages & sites of the interior), Tours for Individual Travellers (and groups), City Tours, In-depth Walking tours (e.g.Tunis Medina), the Sahara, Oases regions & the Berber South, Walking Tours, Educational programs, Trekking & Motorcycle tours.

I have over 20 years of experience as an Official Tunisian Guide, as well as a Translator, Interpreter & Fixer. I speak fluent French, English, Italian, German, & Arabic (Tunisian & Classical). I have worked with international travellers, visitors & journalists (New York Times, Il Giornale,etc.) from all over the world. I have a passion for archaeological & cultural history, and know Tunisia extensively. I create programs according to your interests. I enjoy going to off-the-beaten track ancient sites and villages, staying in charming B&Bs, promoting interaction between you and the local people, and promoting small businesses & individuals. I also enjoy facilitating individual travellers throughout the country to make their trips unique, fascinating and fairly priced. Please also see my facebook page Tunisian.Journeys for more about me, some of the tours that I create & Tunisia.

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