Shilongba Hydropower Station


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Shilongba Hydropower Station


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The Shilongba Hydropower Station is China's first hydropower station the mantis Chuan on the outskirts of Kunming, Yunnan Province, China, is China's first hydropower plant built. Power plant a plant was started in July 1910 and May 28, 1912, power generation, an initial installed capacity of 480 kilowatts. May 25, 2006, Shilongba Hydropower Station was approved by the State Council to be included in the list of the sixth installment of the national key cultural relics protection units. Pronto, 100 years later, May 28, 2012, this is the first hydropower station in China's motor still in the roar has cumulative generating capacity of more than one billion kwh, witnessed a hundred years of history of China's hydropower

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