How to get more orders?

How to get more orders?

Spring has finally sprung and in many countries the tourist season is about to come. Our PrivateGuide team sincerely wishes you a fruitful one! Here is a tip we would like to share with you all how to get more orders through our website. It is pretty common to see guide profiles with just one city shown as a guiding ground. At the same time multiple cities and towns are mentioned in the introduction and description of tours. If you are familiar with this situation and recognize your own profile in this description, hop on to you page and add all the other cities you are ready to provide excursions at. Just follow the algorithm: log in -> edit profile -> main info -> cities. I hope you will find this information helpful! If there is anything else you would like to change in your profile (new tours, pictures, etc.), go ahead. The more information you provide the easier the tourists will find and choose you and order your tour.

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02:58 am April 7, 2012

Chandana Rathna T Kankanamge

Thank you so much for your comments, It made me more encourage, yes I go a head as you advice I am sure I can achieve my aims greetings chandana

23:48 April 9, 2012

Min Than  Htut

Very good tip!Thanks a lot!

16:32 April 17, 2016

Lyudmila Karden

Dear Tora,Kind regards from Moscow.Will you be so kind to confirm my profile, please.I found that it is not confirmed. I can't see it in tour guide.Thanks a lot for your help.Best wishes,Lyudmila Karden

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