Many Private Guides have asked me lately how to get on the first page of our website. The only thing required is the highest rating among your registered colleagues. There are several ways to get the rating points:

1) Each time you have a tour, you are reviewed by the Tourist. The following characteristics are evaluated: communication skills, professional skills, entertainment, safety / organization and overall impression. The higher your mark is, the better is the final rating.

2) Even if you have not yet received any requests from the Tourists you still have an opportunity to climb up the ladder by adding tours, posting photos, videos, blogging and informing us about your publications. Are you a member of a Professional Tour Guides Association? Do you have an official license? Show that in your profile and you will be listed higher than the amateur guides on the city/country page. Please add this information to your profile if for some reason you forgot to do that during the registration.  

3) Each time you are ‘added to favorites’ or receive votes for your tours or profile – you get some rating points as well. All of them are carefully collected and indicated in your profile in the statistics bar.

So now you know that any guide can become a leader even without having a Tourist’s review!  

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07:02 am January 23, 2013

Wael Majdalawieh

Thanks, that was helpful

11:42 am January 28, 2013

Francesca Troilo

Hi Tora,thanks for the tips. I don't manage to upload pictures to illustrate my tours, can you help, please?Best Regards,Francesca.

06:25 am February 7, 2014

Pemba Dorjee  Sherpa

Thanks for the helpful post. I have tried to upload my license for many times but it does not upload. Can you suggest me any specific size of file I should upload. I have 3 mb file of my license.

05:58 am November 13, 2014

Hesham Michael

hot to active my account? what is problemProfile is not acceptedYour profile will be approved as soon as you upload a picture of yourself as avatar (not a logo or a beautiful photo of nature – only your own photo). Let me remind you the necessary steps: My profile -> Edit profile -> Main info -> Photo (upload).If you have changed the photo more than 2 days ago but the registration is still not approved, please write to and I will check what we can do.

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