Dear Private Guides,
I am glad to announce that a new option will appear soon to promote your tours. In the nearest future we will publish special tour digests under several topics. Your own tours will be highlighted in these posts. That’s when we need your help!  If you’ve already added some tours to your profile, please mark their category by attaching one of these labels:  
- Literature
Are you taking the tourists to the place where a famous writer lived? Are you citing lots of poems while showing the places where they were created? Or, maybe, your hometown is known thanks to some old book? Then choose this label!
- Cinema
The same as in previous category but in the world of cinema: actors, film characters and their prototypes, shooting spots, etc.
- Music
Composers, musicians and ballet dancers, museums dedicated to musical instruments – anything to do with one of the greatest arts.
- Art
This wide category includes the tours devoted to painters and their works, theatre and its muses, architectural beauties; well, any other type of art that has not yet been mentioned.
- Gourmet
From a tour of a vineyard or banana plantation to the tour of the best pubs and restaurants of the city. If there is some tasting involved during a city tour, do not hesitate to add this label as well, even if the rest of the tour is traditional.
- History
Some would say that historical background of the place should be described in any excursion, yet I believe that this label should be added only if the main theme of your story is connected with times long gone.
 - Military
Battlefields and monuments dedicated to glorious victories or, perhaps, gloomy defeats; some annual battle reenaction festivals can also be tagged.
- Museum
Simply add this label if the main aim of the tour is an inside visit to a museum.  
- Nature
Ecotours, safaris or a visit to natural reserves and zoos. Even a tour of a private orchard can be added to that category.
- Festival
Should your tour be seasonal and offered only during some local festivities, please label it with this tag. Be sure to tell all you know about traditions connected with these holidays during the tour and add some of the most popular activities.
- Backstage
Can you get our Tourists somewhere only you know? Be it an old coal mine or a contemporary hotel back of the house tour, please share the secrets by adding this label to your tour.
- Mystery
Haunted mansions and blood-churning tales of vampires who lived in the nearest castle or just across the street, special night tours and a visit to a local witch. Don’t forget to add a pinch of salt if you label your tour with a tag like that!
- Photo
Showing the best spots for taking pictures? Go ahead and add this label.
- Family
Family oriented tours and activities.
- Active
Bike tours, hiking trips, etc. Label those tours that require certain physical shape of our Tourists.
Of course, we realize that there could be much more categories than that and I would be happy to learn what else you have to offer. You know how to contact us!
For those of you who have not added any tours yet, I hope this new direction will be taken as a guideline for future improvement of your profiles. Let us start a new phase in our cooperation!

Tora and the team of

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