Hrvoje Dario Papic.

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"Tour guides of Croatia"

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April 2021
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Hi there,

My name is Hrvoje (Hur-Vo-Ye) Dario. I'm of the Northern Croatia, and local of Zagreb and Varazdin. For a number of years now I've been working as a tour guide, guiding to every part of Croatia. Beside that I also guide to Bosnia, Slovenia, and Monte Negro. I can organize a guided tour and transportation to any of these places, and provide you with various information and recommendations.

Beside stories and information, the four things I put the highest emphasis and value when guiding travelers are safety, respect, care and comfort. Travelers should always feel safe and comfortable, while being treated with care and respect.

In regards to my interests, I like to travel and meet other cultures. I'm interested in psychology, anthropology, meditation, astronomy, music, nature, art, history, sustainability, and in motivating people in different areas of life. During low season I take multi-month trips to explore distant cultures, ancient sites, and natural beauty. This interest had so far taken me through five continents, the latest being Northeast Africa and South Asia.

It is important to me that travelers I guide feel relaxed and enjoy every moment of it, and to have a memorable experience. I also aim that you experience my country not just as a tourist, but rather to see how things function here, to get an understanding of it's everyday life, and perhaps to even feel like a local!

If you are interested in coming to Croatia and explore it with a guide, feel free to contact me.
Was ich biete
I offer walking and private transfer tours; easy hiking tours; historic countryside tours; and healing tours. I am both tour guide in nature, cities and countryside.

Mein Hintergrund, Lizenzen und Zertifikate
I was born in a town called Varazdin, situated one hour North of Zagreb. I had interest in traveling since I was a little kid. I have this memory of an overwhelming joy everytime my father would take me for a ride with him when he would have some business to do. My education was in the field of tourism, both high school and university. In the latter I had an opportunity to reach a Bachelor degree in Tourism Management. This directed me in direction of working in hotels as a hotel receptionist and learning to work as a travel agent. Later I completed education to become a licensed tour guide, which I have been doing since 2010.

Honestly, it is one of the best jobs I've ever done. Having a major interest in psychology, it gives me joy meeting new people, showing them around my (and surrounding) country or city, and learning from them. Beside sharing information, I always learn so much from my clients - an incredible cultural interchange of information!

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