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No.1 Ladies Detective Agency Tour0BotswanaBotswanaGaborone

Through Africa Insight, we bring you one of Africa’s most popular literary tours. Experience the tales told by Alexander McCall Smith; see them come to life as we take you through tours based on his f...
Dauer: 8 (h)     Preis pro Tour: 120 (USD)    

Tour nach: Andy Mokalake

Heritage Gaborone City Tour0BotswanaBotswanaGaborone

Coming to Gaborone and wondering what our city has to offer? If so, then this tour is a great choice for you. Did you know that Gaborone was initially designed to have the shape of a Brandy glass?Our ...
Dauer: 8 (h)     Preis pro Tour: 92 (USD)    

Tour nach: Andy Mokalake

Safari in the City0BotswanaBotswanaGaborone

YES we mean it….If you are in Gaborone you wish to experience nature’s beauties in the city’s backyard, Heritage Adventures is here for you. Meet some of Botswana’s top predators face to face, and oth...
Dauer: 4 (h)     Preis pro Tour: 55 (USD)    

Tour nach: Andy Mokalake

Heritage City Walk0BotswanaBotswanaGaborone

One of our more active tours, this tour includes a walk through the Gaborone city centre, where the capital first began. A tour of the museum reveals ornaments that serve as a reminder of our heritage...
Dauer: 4 (h)     Preis pro Tour: 38 (USD)    

Tour nach: Andy Mokalake

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