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Nature Tour of Rarotonga0Cook IslandsCook-Inseln Avarua

Are you on a cruise? Visiting Rarotonga, Cook Islands? Want to be part of a small group, intimate? Yes, you got it. We do our own thing and go places none of the other groups go to. Snorkelling in...
Dauer: 4.5 (h)     Preis pro Tour: 600 (USD)    

Tour nach: Ani Manuela

Backyard Tours Rarotonga0Cook IslandsCook-Inseln Avarua

Meet an extraordinary traditional woodcarver who shares his passion. Expand your knowledge of this country's rich history and culture through some of his designs & carvings. Learn from a Pearl Far...
Dauer: 4 (h)     Preis pro Tour: 480 (USD)    

Tour nach: Ani Manuela

Explore & Discover Rarotonga0Cook IslandsCook-Inseln Avarua

Kia Orana! What a great way to see this beautiful island, Rarotonga. Take a Circle Island Tour of Rarotonga. Rain or Shine! This tour offers 4 hours of flexible fun at your choice. I can take you arou...
Dauer: 5 (h)     Preis pro Tour: 500 (USD)    

Tour nach: Ani Manuela

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