Otranto: Guided Walking Tour in Salento

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Otranto: Guided Walking Tour in Salento


Maximum number of tourists: 54
Price per tour: 165 USD
Duration: 2 hours
Distance: 0 km
Tour by: Daniela Matera (Date: 26.07.2015)

Tour description

Guided tour to Otranto, one of the most important town of the Salento, in the Apulia region, southern Italy.


Discover the historical center of Otranto with a certified tour guide
Pleasant walk through the street in old town, with a visit to the local craft shops
Visit the Cathedral with its wonderful mosaics and the castle

Discover Otranto in a walking tour of 2 hours.
Gateway to the East , built on the sea .
The city tour will take you to discover the Norman Cathedral , consecrated in 1088, a work of Count Roger I adorned later (about 1163), by Bishop Jonathas , with a mosaic floor , It has a rose window and side portal of 1481. The interior , a basilica with ship and two aisles , contains columns said to come from a temple of Minerva and a fine mosaic pavement of 1166 , with interesting representations of the months , Old Testament subjects and others . Bones and relics of the Martyrs of Otranto , who perished in the 15th-century siege surround the high altar . The church Has a crypt supported by forty-two marble columns . The same Count Roger founded a Basilian monastery Also here , Which , under Abbot Nicetas , Became a place of study , the ITS library was nearly all bought by Bessarion .

After seeing the cathedral you will visit the Church of St. Peter and Castle , reinforced by Emperor Frederick II and rebuilt by Alphonso II of Naples in 1485-1498 . It has an irregular plan with five sides , with a moat running along the Entire perimeter . In origin it had a single entrance , reachable through a draw- bridge. Towers features three cylindrical ones and a bastion called Punta Diamante ( "Diamond 's Head "). The entrance sports the coat of arms of Emperor Charles V.


• Certified tour guide

Not included:

• Transfer service
• Drink & Food
Transfer service to / from Bari or Brindisi airport / port on request

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