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I was born and raised in Izmır - known as Smyrna in the ancient times- I have been living in Istanbul since after my graduation from Adnan Menderes University Tourism Guidance Department.I have been working in tourism sector during 9 years with different positions just as operations executive and licensed tour guide by Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
I have unending desire to tracel so it makes you feel as though it is my first visit just as it is yours.I am always keen to facilitate interaction between you and turkish people.
Sharing my knowledge and experiences you feel as if you could smell,touch and feel the history.In my opinion; travelling is not only having encyclopaedical information but also learning traditions,daily lifes,superstitious beliefs and tasting local cuisine.From this point of view my main aim is making your travel amusing and memorable.
My specialties are turkish folk dance,belly dancing history,islamic mysticism and turkish cuisine.
I will be glad to help you about
-maximizing your unforgettable experiences and minimizing wasted time
-customizing an itinerary to suit your particular interests,combining good fun and eye-opening experiences
-interesting stories as well as connections in time,people and places that will make your visit more meaningful.
What I offer
daily tours,private tours,walking city tours,museums and historical sites visits

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