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I am fully licensed guide about Bulgaria and work since 2011. As philologist, i like to learn foreign languages and to discover cultural models and arts. If yoi deside to visit Bulgaria ad other Balkan countries, let me help you to build the perfect itinerary from a choice selection of activities and private day tours. Get attraction in our cities, see all historical sights, learn about the Communism time, visit natural resorts with unique flowers and birds, get a dinner with traditional national folklore program with songs, dance and presentation of old local rithuals. All that is one choice: just booky tour now.
What I offer
Sofia city tour: Duration 2-3hours.
In that walk you will be able to see the roman ruins at city center, the old churches like St.Sofia ( Wisdom) and St.George ( Rotunda), the thermal spa area with Old Mosque ( 15 sentury), the communist buildings, National Theathre, National library St.Ciryl and Methodius, Sofia oldest Univercity St.Kliment Ohridski, the National Parliament Building and Cathedral St. Alexandar Nevski, momument of King Liberator Alexandar ect.

*Sofia city tour :4-8hours: we will meet in the reception of your hotel to do our walking city tour. Tham by van 8+1 we can leave the city to descover Boyana church (part of UNESCO heritage list)? Boyana waterfall, Dragalevski monastery, Palace Vranya ect.

*Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria. Located in the Tracian valley, on the blanked of river Maritsa from one side, under 7 hilss ( tepe by turkish language) it is one of the oldest city in Europe.
The city have a lot of sights from different periods: The ancient time, the Roman time ( there are well preserved Theater, Stadium and Odeon), medieval orthodox churches, turkish Mosque " Cuma Cami" ( Friday mosque), national revival houses (Balabanova house, Hindliyan house, D- r Chomakov house,Lamartin house ect.). Present and past time are connected via unique pedestrain zone, called Kapana with unique caffe and reasturants for pleasant meals and drinks.
*Velliko Tarnovo is one of the beautyfull cities on Balkans, located picturesque on the river Yantra.

Discover Varna - the sea capital of Bulgaria.
Find an unexpected architectural, religious and ethnografical places in Bulgaria

* Neseebar - the old city (UNESCO heritage list)
*Kazanlak tour: thracian valley is an unique area wirth lot of sights: Thracian tomb (UNESCO), a rose indusrty, Buzludzha and Shipka - by request

Troyan and Troyan monastery, Apriltsi, Lovetch

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