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  • Country: ChinaChina
  • City: Guilin
  • Language: 中國, English
  • Hourly Rate (walking): 6 USD     
  • Daily Rate (8h, walking): 40 USD     
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I am from Pinle,which is 40 kilometers away from Yangshuo town, a beautiful place where you cantake some photos of my hometown.
When I was young,my dream was to work in the tourism field. I love travelling and enjoy seeing the wonderful sights and learning about diverse cultures. Much knowledge can be learned from books but experience can only be learned from people and travel.
To be a tour guide,we try to let tourists know the Guilin area and even China and make tourists know Guilin and love China.
Join the tour with us, we treat you not only like tourists but also as one of our friends.
We have organized tours for over 7 years. We have had tourists from over 70 countries, and our tourists enjoy the tour with us.
What I offer
Guilin Private Tours mainly specializes in tours around Guilin Yangshuo area in Guangxi, two most popular areas for visitors to China. We cater to the needs of individual tourists as well as small tour groups including families, friends and business colleagues. Tourists can experience the main attractions offered by Guilin Yangshuo Longji Rice Terraces, Nanning, Detian Waterfall and Guizhou Minority area as well as places and activities not normally offered to tourists. We can customize private tours, tour itineraries and tour packages to meet your specific travel needs. We also organize private car service from Guilin to Guizhou, Yunnan, Sichuan, Hunan Provinces, etc. Guilin is reputed as one of the best scenic areas in China and is a must-visit travel destination during your trip to China. Please read more about the testimonials from our tourists and our services.

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