Pompeii: living with the volcano

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Pompeii: living with the volcano


Maximum number of tourists: 10
Price per tour: 220 USD
Duration: 2.5 hours
Distance: 5 km
Tour by: Michele Arpa (Date: 30.10.2018)

Tour description

We will explore the buildings, the shops, the roads of Pompeii as an inhabitant of the city did just one day before the dramatic eruption of 79 AD. The daily life of the citizens of the city will flow in front of us like a journey back in time. We will go with the pompeians at the the theatre, in the huge amphitheater enjoying the acrid taste of the brutal fights of gladiators. We will eat with them in the take away of the 1st century AD, or as a guest in the luxurious domus of the richest persons of the society. And, finally, a moment of relax at the thermal baths, before to go in the amazing square of the civil forum. At the ent of our exploration we will meet the ones who lost their lives in those hectic hours, as they were covered by the volcanic ashes 2 thousand years ago.

Pompeii: the dead town

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