In the footsteps of Caravaggio

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In the footsteps of Caravaggio


Maximum number of tourists: 6
Price per tour: 210 USD
Duration: 3 hours
Distance: 0 km
Tour by: Francesca Troilo (Date: 10.04.2012)

Tour description

Following the 400th anniversary of Caravaggio’s death, I'd like to propose an itinerary in the footsteps of the most revolutionary artist of the XVII century, the “Damned Painter”, the painter of “brush and sword”.
Rome is home to the widest collection of Caravaggio’s paintings and is therefore the perfect location to fully understand his genius and his importance in art history.
Our walk takes place in Campo Marzio where we find the altarpieces which decreed his fame and aroused scandal in Rome and throughout Europe: the church of San Luigi de’ Francesi with the “History of St. Matthew” told in the three paintings which set Caravaggio under the spotlight of the artistic circles of Rome; the church of Sant’Agostino with “Our Lady of the Pilgrims”, a deep-felt subject in Rome, especially during the Jubilee years; to finish with Santa Maria del Popolo with the paintings describing the most important moments in the life of our Patron Saints: “The Conversion of St. Paul” and “The Crucifixion of St. Peter”.

Pls note: not on Sunday morning nor on Thursday afternoon.
Dress code required for visiting churches: shoulders and knees covered.

You can combine the above tour with the visit of the Borghese Gallery – home to six of his canvasses - devoting one full day to Caravaggio!

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