Ancient Ostia: the main port of Rome

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Ancient Ostia: the main port of Rome


Maximum number of tourists: 6
Price per tour: 280 USD
Duration: 4 hours
Distance: 0 km
Tour by: Francesca Troilo (Date: 10.04.2012)

Tour description

About 25 Km (16Mls) from Rome you can enjoy the incredible experience of walking in a Roman city that grew up to a population of 50.000!

On the side of the streets you will see: warehouses and retailer's shops, apartment buildings - the famous "insulae" -, the theatre - still in use - with its most characteristic foyer - the "piazzale delle Corporazioni" -, the fire-brigade barrack, public toilets, laundries, sport clubs and thermal baths; then we'll see the meat market and some shop of the fish-mongers as well as the necropolis just outside the city walls ... As far as the religious cults are concerned, we have remains of temples, as well as Mithrea and a Christian basilica...
Besides: you're away from the hustle and bustle, immersed in a beautiful landscape dotted by umbrella pine trees and you can even feel the breeze coming from the Mediterranean Sea: yes, the beach is not far away either!

Please note: you'll be walking on rough stones, comfortable shoes are a must, as well as shades and sunscreen and a parasol or hat in summertime.
Not on Monday.
Transport not included; entrance fee (EU 6,50 per person) not included.

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