Piazza San Marco, The Doge’s Palace and the Basilica

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Piazza San Marco, The Doge’s Palace and the Basilica


Maximum number of tourists: 10
Price per tour: 300 USD
Duration: 3 hours
Distance: 0 km
Tour by: Romy Rigattieri (Date: 05.11.2017)

Tour description

This tour will guide you through the history of Venice and of Piazza San Marco. You will visit the Doge’s Palace, which for centuries has been the heart of the political, and administrative life of Venice but also the official residence of the Doge. You will be taken through the ancient state rooms decorated with paintings by the famous Venetian masters, such as Titian, Veronese and Tintoretto… before leaving the Doge’s Palace you will cross the Bridge of Sighs to explore the historic Venetian prisons. You will then enter St.Mark’s Basilica which was built as a mausoleum to host the relics of St. Mark the Evangelist, and was embellished over the centuries with fine marbles and golden mosaics. Your guide will explain how Venice’s politics, history, religious faith, as well as its artists, conspired to bring about this truly magnificent monument.
This is a three-hours tour.

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