Serif Yenen

Member of the Professional Tour Guides Association
"IRO-Istanbul Tourist Guides' Guild"

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Member since: November, 2010

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October 2019
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  • Country: TurkeyTurkey
  • City: Istanbul
  • Language: English
  • Daily Rate (8h, walking): 225 USD     
  • Minimum hours to order : 8      
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I am a tour guide who loves his profession and combines it with travel writing and lecturing about Turkey at prestigious institutions like the Smithsonian in Washington DC, Boston University or Penn Museum in Philadelphia.
What I offer
I have many years’ experience in guiding tours all over Turkey as well as in Istanbul. As a Turkey Travel Specialist with contacts and years of experience, I am able to help travelers with their plans and itineraries.

Because individual travel is my specialty, I do get to know my guests and see if they have special requests, off-the-beaten track quests, interests beyond the mainstream… I am uniquely qualified to make sure all expectations are met, and usually exceeded.

My Background, Licenses and certificates
I was born in Izmir in 1963. I graduated from Kuleli Military High School in Istanbul, earned a degree in English Philology at the University of Istanbul in 1985, became an officer, and taught English as a second language for a while.

I began as a tourist guide in 1989 and have been working at it with great enthusiasm ever since. I have held elected positions as chairman of the Istanbul Tourist Guides Guild (IRO) and the Federation of Turkish Tourist Guides (TUREB) since 2002.

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