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Hi everyone,\r\n I am Alessandro, I am 31 years old and I live in Treviso a small historical city near Venezia.\r\nI worked as guitar teacher, real estate agent,translator.. I’ve done many things in my life!\r\nI always try to experience as many things as possibile because I think we should live our lives as an endless gift.\r\nMy main job is not as a turistic guide nevertheless I know Venice and I can show you the most important places in Venice.\r\nI am very good at cooking and if you want to taste the italian cusine either in restaurant or directly in my home I am willing to give you this experience.\r\nAs a local person I would like to show you the less turistic places.. the places that only locals known.. that’s why hire a local it’s an added value!\r\nRegards to the price as I am not a professional guide we can discuss the price, sometimes if I am free I am also willing to help you for free.\r\n\r\nCONTACT ME!!! :-)\r\n
What I offer
As you can see in the section "about me" I am not a professional guide but I know Venice and many other cities near Venice.\r\nIf you want me to take you to some particular spots in Venice and near Venice I am the right person.\r\nI have many friends among restaurant owners and cellar owners so you can really taste what is the italian cusine!

My Background, Licenses and certificates
I am passionate in learning languages and studying the historical sights in my region.

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