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  • Country: TurkeyTurkey
  • City: Istanbul
  • Language: English
  • Daily Rate (8h, walking): 200 USD     
  • Minimum hours to order : 8      
  • Auto: Mercedes Minivan
  • Air conditioner: Yes
  • Daily Rate (8h, by car): 400 USD     
I am a freelance working, licensed Tour-guide/Tour-operator with over 25 years experience and have been qualified as a Travel Expert by the Turkish Ministry of Tourism.
As I have studied Christianity, Archaeology, History, Mythology (as well as other related subjects) I can help you understand our diverse history and culture. I have considerable experience as a tour guide and as a travel planner to destinations in Istanbul and Turkey.
I am also a rug expert...might be helpful for those who are in the market for an handmade Turkish rug while in Turkey..
I am the writer of 3 good books:
1- "All you need to know before BUYING ORIENTAL CARPETS in Turkey"
2- " The most interesting TURKISH TRADITIONS"
3- "A cultural guide book INFORMIST"

When it comes to food I am someone like Anthony Bourdain at No Reservations..
What I offer
Private tours for English speaking visitors to Istanbul and Turkey who are interested in learning about Turkish Culture, trying good Turkish food and looking for reliable places for shopping. My individual approach comes from a keen sense of reality (and humour) and aims to be friendly, informative, and entertaining, with stories and conversation to illustrate the many facets of this richly varied and fascinating country.

My Background, Licenses and certificates
I have been a tour guide for more than 25 years and I have the license issued by the Tourism and Culture Ministry and a member of Istanbul official tour guide's guild.
I also own a small tour company which is authorised to organise all kinds of tour activities all over Turkey and it is a member of TURSAB..

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