Traveling to Australia with PrivateGuide is not only easy but also involving. Our personal guides offer huge amounts of travel information, interesting facts and amazing excursions around Australia. Private tour guides Australia suggest you the opportunity for the experience of a lifetime.
Australia has been capturing the imagination of the world travelers. The country is the best choice for different tourists. Whatever you prefer to do during the vacation: going sightseeing, mountain climbing, enjoying the rocky face of Ululu, experiencing the scuba diving, or exploring the Great Barrier Reef, Australia is a perfect destination. Our local guide makes you feel and absorb the stunning beauty of the surrounding nature with impressive rock outcroppings and spectacular waterfalls, deep in the compelling history of the Aborigines, suggests traveling around dry desert during the hot day. Although Australia is the world’s smallest continent, it has more that two thousand islands, scattered in the Indian and Pacific Ocean, a great number of National Parks, the multicultural people, and diverse flora and fauna. Private tour guides in Australia acquaint you with famous cities of the country, such as Sydney, Newcastle, Canberra, Melbourne and others. There is no good or bad city in Australia to visit, as all of them offer excellent sightseeing opportunities and attractive tourism. Remote areas of Australia have rather small population but these regions offer you particular natural beauty and cordial hospitality of local people.
Traveling to Australia whether for a short break or for a month holiday with our local guide from PrivateGuide you will get everything you expect of such a trip.
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