Belarus is the destination for those, seeking energy, culture, and charm. PrivateGuide Belarus presents the travelers with a unique chance to discover the rich culture and history of this country. Our local guides invite the tourists to make various types of excursions to the famous places of Belarus.

While the rest of Eastern Europe is involved into capitalism, Belarus provides the tourists with a great opportunity to see the small part of Europe. The land of earthy humour and friendly people – this is how the country is usually called. The epicenters where private tour guides take you are as a rule three most appealing cities of the country: Minsk, Brest and Vitebsk. You will for sure like the sparkling nightlife and cosmopolitan way of life in the capital, enjoy the remnants of ancient fortress in Brest. Vitebsk is the childhood home of painter Marc Chagall, so our local guide involves you with amazing stories about this outstanting personality, his life and work. Belarus can not boast having impressively varied natural sceneries, a simple yet pleasing landscape of cornflower fields is waiting for you outside the country’s capital. If you wish, tour guide in Belarus can include the excursions to thick primeval forests and picturesque villages, which is a possibility to get acquinted with nonofficial country, its customs and traditions. The locals meet the international tourists with extremely warm hospitality, which proves the wide-spread notion about famous Slavonic hospitality. You won’t have been to Belarus without visiting its two major national parks. Belavezhskaya Pushcha National Park is a home of Europe’s largest mammal, the zoobr, while the best birdwatching can be done in the Pripyatsky National Park.

A trip to Belarus with PrivateGuide opens you undiscovered mysteries of this country, kept in a secrect for thousand years of history. Such travelling is not soon forgotten because the countryside of Belarus, full of forests and small villages, gives the tourists a pleasure to go sightseeing around this beautiful land.
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