Belgium doesn’t loose its positions in the sphere of world tourism. But it is practically impossible to see and understand the country fully without a professional help of personal guides. We are happy to give you a hand in organizing various types of excursions around Belgium. It is out of the question that you will be satisfied with your vacation.  

As any other country Belgium has its ups and downs, but most Belgians are more than happy with their spot in the world, and wouldn’t change it for any means. The tourists, coming to the country, share this feeling. The most dynamic cities of Belgium are Brussels and Antwerp. They can boast having both the medieval architecture and the best examples of modern hi-tech buildings. The major cities of Belgium invite you not only to go sightseeing but also to do the best shopping in your life, cause the choice of souvenirs to take back home is really impressive. The tourists’ pace is slowing down in Ghent. Calm and relaxed atmosphere makes you forget about common problems and takes you to the world of fairy-tale. Bruges stands for a lovely spot. Though it is not completely studied and seized to the bottom, the tourists fall in love with it from the first sight. Distinctive traits of Belgium inhabitants’ character are calmness, tolerance and benevolence. So, the tourists feel like at home at any part of the country. Private tour guides in Belgium open secrets of the country to those, who love it with all their heart.

Belgium, like many Western European countries, faces a lot of challenges but it keeps its position as one of the world tourism leaders. A journey to Belgium with PrivateGuide is a chance to overwhelm the captivating natural beauty and great historical importance of the country. At present Belgium welcomes everyone, who comes to the country with open heart and positive thinking.
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