Bulgaria plays an outstanding role in the sphere of world tourism, it links East and West, attracting the visitors by numerous sights and monuments. The country remembers ancient civilizations and our local guides from PrivateGuide will acquaint you with the stories of the country’s turbulent history. Bulgaria considers itself the country of future, offering the visitors incredible list of things to see and activities to do.

PrivateGuide Bulgaria is a chance to realize all the beauty of the surrounding nature and to estimate the historical significance of sights and monuments. Some of the world’s most popular spots lie inside of Bulgaria’s borders. For most foreign holidaymakers, Bulgaria’s main attraction is its long, sandy Black Sea Coast with several stunning beaches and picturesque bays. Hikers would love to explore a wide network of adventurous hiking trails around the Rila and Pirin Mountains. Our tour guides show you the areas inhabited by bears, lynx, and rare birds, disappearing in other parts of Europe. The tours to Bulgaria with PrivateGuide without any doubts include the visits to Bulgarian cities. You will be amazed by a great variety of highlights they offer the tourists. Dynamic and cosmopolitan Sofia can boast having lovely parks, wonderful museums, and historical buildings. Plovdiv meets the visitors with some authentic National Revival architectural treasures and Roman remains of ancient buildings. Varna impresses the comers by its youthful maritime atmosphere.

Bulgaria is a country of striking contrasts. Travelling around it with local guides, you will notice how quickly the sceneries change: from multicolored monasteries, incredibly charming timber-framed to noisy megapolicies with a wide array of entertainment opportunities. Interesting excursions, held by personal guides, open the tourists the country’s innumerable charms. So, you simply won’t want to leave Bulgaria.
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