Canada is beyond compare. It is a dream of all the tourists, because the country can different, it can surprise, astonish and impress. PrivateGuide Canada show you the top places to experience and the best spots to visit in the country. Our local guides help you to plan your trip to this country accordingly. Personal guides take you to the world renowned parks and museums, show you popular sights, attractions and offer endless list of the things to do in the majority of Canadian cities.

The second largest country in the world Canada boasts of an uncanny diversity of tourist attractions. Snow capped mountains is a paradise for the fans of skiing, beautiful dessert terrain satisfies the adventure seekers and hikers, whale watching along both coasts and gorgeous Niagara Falls promise to be the most remarkable experience for the nature lovers. Tour guide in Toronto show you the city’s museums, the CN Tower, the tallest free-standing structure in the world and remains the tallest in the Americas, and the Hockey Hall of fame. Not less involving is a trip to the historical Old Quebec or picturesque Vancouver. Montreal will become a hot spot for those who would like to participate in stand-up events like the Just For Laughs Festival or to see inspiring European-style architecture and amazing street performers. With our local guides from PrivateGuide you can deep in the rural living in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, compare a diverse mix of big-city sophistication and relaxed country living. For those who want to see truly untamed landscapes, we suggest a trip to Northern Canada, attracting the visitors by its natural beauty.

With PrivateGuide Canada you will understand that it is a vast and beautiful land with something for everyone. It is impossible to dislike this country, go ahead and experience the best vacation in your life. 

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