There is no adventurous traveler who would not like to visit Chile. With PrivateGuide Chile it isn’t only possible, it is also interesting and unforgettable. Our personal guides show you the volcanoes, geysers, beaches, lakes, rivers, steppe and countless islands. Much of these areas remain largely untouched and unvisited by overseas tourists, so we give you a splendid opportunity to organize a trip with the taste of wildness and positive emotions.

You can ask: “What’s on offer in Chile?” Private tour guides give affirmative answer: “Everything”. Developed infrastructure of the country, spectacular sights and hospitable local people make up an inseparable part of the travel to Chile. Exploring Rapa Nui (Easter Island) or wandering around the isolated Isla Robinson Crusoe, you will feel the unique atmosphere of Chile. Here you loose your social status, you become just a part of nature, its heart and soul. Chile has been known to make poets out of barmen, dreamers out of presidents and friends out of strangers. With our local guides you will get acquainted with the thousand years old history of the country development, get to know its interesting and difficult destiny, reflected in monuments and natural spots.

PrivateGuide Chile is designed to help visitors to plan a successful trip to Chile, to put it to life and to enjoy the country’s sights and attractions. You have a possibility to get in touch with thrilling urban centers of Chile as well as experience uncanny diversity of surrounding landscapes.
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