Roman Forum and Colosseum. Ancient Rome.

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Roman Forum and Colosseum. Ancient Rome.


Maximum number of tourists: 20
Price per tour: 140 USD
Duration: 2 hours
Distance: 0 km
Tour by: Cristina Corrirossi (Date: 18.07.2012)

Tour description

What’s the first image that comes to your mind when thinking of Rome? The Colosseum.
Eight years of works, four floors in different styles, 50.000 spectators, 1 year of inaugurating games. This stunning building lies in the centre of the Eternal City from the 80aC and has been spectator and theatre of its thousandyears life: gladiator and beast games, sea battles, executions. Right beside it the Roman Forum, the main focus of the Roman Republic: the religious and political institutions, the Senate, the law courts, the temples and markets bustled with life.
A walking tour of 2hs30, discovering architecture, art, history, mythology and legends of Ancient Rome.

Entrance fee is not included..

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