Vatican Museums and St. Peter.

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Vatican Museums and St. Peter.


Maximum number of tourists: 20
Price per tour: 210 USD
Duration: 3 hours
Distance: 0 km
Tour by: Cristina Corrirossi (Date: 18.07.2012)

Tour description

The Bernini’s welcoming embrace of the colonnade in S.Peter’s square and the Church, the Holy
See risen on the tomb of the first Pope: the unmistakable Dome, the striking Baldachino upon the major altar, Michelangelo’s breathtaking statue of the Pietà. Just a few steps away, the Vatican Museums: the beautiful spiral stairway , the sculpture of Laocoon and the stroll through the Gallery of Tapestries and Gallery of Geographical Maps, before arriving at the Stanze di Raffaello, at the famous Sistine Chapel with its magnificent fresco of the Last Judgment by Michelangelo.
An unforgettable tour in 3hs, one of the most remarkable, pleasant, intense days in the Eternal City.

Entrance fee is not included.

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