Cuba is a destination not for everyone. It is a trip for those, who would like to join country’s historical development, to become an inseparable part of its dynamism and intrinsic beauty. PrivateGuide Cuba allows you to travel further and to see more than the average tourist can do in the country. Private tour guides in Cuba give the tourists an opportunity to open the new world under the name of Cuba.

Travelling around Cuba, the tourists need creativity, good humor, flexibility, and a healthy sense of adventure. Much of country’s colonial past can be seen in its majestic architecture, natural beauty is realized through the miles of green sugar cane fields and white sand beaches, unique culture consists of local music and dance. Our local guides explain you that there are many good reasons to visit Havana, where you can experience an enthralling blend of old and new. Try your hand at scuba diving, the proper place for it is the Isla de la Juventud (Isle of Youth), enjoy Soroa, the so-called «Cuba's Rainbow» because of heavy rainfalls, watch the sun-set at El Malecon. Cuba is nothing without the fine Cuban cigar; do not miss the chance to try the taste of the country. A delightful tropical climate with year round sunshine attract holidaymakers, who are eager to spend several days in a perfect natural habitat, enjoying some of the most exquisite coral reef and idyllic beaches, lined with shady palm trees. Try to rent a scooter and go your own way. Tour guide in Cuba can also include the trip to the countryside, where you will see huge mango and pineapple plantations, with PrivateGuide you can do some horseback riding, have an excursion to a tobacco farm, where you can roll and smoke local cigars.

PrivateGuide Cuba presents you with an advantage to step back in time and to enjoy a vacation like no other. The country offers the tourists some of the world's finest beaches, rich cultural heritage and passionate approach to life, which has attracted the international visitors during many years.

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