Cyprus has always been a part of many myths. PrivateGuide Cyprus helps you to become a witness of local traditions, myths and fairy-tales. This fruitful and fresh island in the Mediterranean Sea is a destination without comparison, tropical splendor and paradise for the tourists.

Coming to Cyprus, you get to another world with quality bathing water, olive and citrus groves, and rich picnic and birding sites. The beaches of the country are renowned with blue flag – an eco-label for cleanliness, so the visitors are welcome to have a good swimming, sun-bathing and relaxation. If you consider hiking the best way of time spending, our personal guides show you some worthy hiking trails, winding through the Troodos Mountains. Head for Paphos to buy embroidered fabric with geometric patterns called foitiotika, enjoy the architecture of the painted Byzantine churches of the Troodos, sample awfully tasty local cheese, honey, and wines in Pitsilia, rent a motorcycle or a private car to explore the beauty of the surrounding countryside. If curiosity draws you further private tour guides Cyprus help you to discover the small villages of the Akamas Peninsula, breathe in the scent of the citrus groves of Morfou, and to explore golden beaches of the Karpas Peninsula.Tour guides around Cyprus make you believe that the country is a kaleidoscopic mix of culture. Dominated by Western Europe, it has also undergone the influence of East, especially of Asia and Africa.

Whatever destination you choose in Cyprus you will not be far from the sights and sounds of the Mediterranean. Everything you need to get a full satisfaction with Cyprus is to have a camera, good walking shoes, a swimsuit, some sunscreen in your bag, the professional assistance of tour guides and you will have a trip you’ll remember for years.
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