The land of Vikings, motherland of Hans Christian Andersen, extremely rich country, full of history and culture, a number of sights within the relatively compact borders – all these facts are about Denmark. PrivateGuide Denmark reveals you a beautiful natural spot, located on a backpackers’ route from Western Europe into Scandinavia and the Baltics.

The first stop at Denmark is for sure Copenhagen, one of the world’s most desirable cities to live in. Our local guides tell you about the barriers the city overcame during its history, the most important of which are the Swedish armies attack and Nazi occupation. Sightseeing program in Copenhagen is always very busy, so top off your evening with some shopping and dining, which are rather good in the capital. Tivoli is a small amusement park, located in the center of town, offers many gardens, rides, concerts, and weekly fireworks displays in the summer. As much of Copenhagen is built along canals, one of the ways to explore the city is so take a canal boat ride. Private tour guides in Denmark organize the trip to the fantastic site – the city of Aarhus, which should be discovered too, as it is considered to be an open-air theatre. Do not miss Odense on the island of Funen, where you can feel the inspiration of Hans Christian Andersen. Tour guides in Denmark support your wish to visit the picturesque theme park called Legoland in central Jylland, filled with scale models of many familiar landmarks.

PrivateGuide Denmark advises the tourists to visit not only the big cities of the country but also rural countryside, medieval churches, Renaissance castles and tidy 18th-century villages, which create the atmosphere of the real country. Pay attention that no place in the Denmark is more than an hour’s drive from the seashore, lined with splendid white-sand beaches. So, all kinds of water sports and recreation are guaranteed there.

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