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The land of contrasts – this is about the Dominican Republic. Picturesque, friendly and welcoming country, it meets the international tourists with incredible hospitality and irresistible charm. PrivateGuide Dominican Republic opens you a specific collage of emotions and unforgettable memories the country inspires the tourists with.

Local guides from PrivateGuide know the Dominican Republic perfectly, that’s why you will be surprised finding out that the country has both the highest peak and the lowest point in the Caribbean, that there is only a short drive between the noisy street life of Santo Domingo and the calmness of the rural villages. Santo Domingo or “La Capital”, as the locals call it, is a beating heart that fills with the life the whole country. Private guide shows you all the beauty of the architecture of the old town, acquaints you with the incredible collections of city museums, and invites you to a dinner in a small cafe or restaurant. And, of course famous Zona Colonial is to be explored. Being the oldest continuously inhabited European established settlement in the Americas, it has become a world-renowned historical spot. Many tourists associate the Dominican Republic with all-inclusive resorts. It is true but partly. Much of the country’s prime beachfront is really full of such kinds of resorts, but tour guides help you to find the roads, which lead inland past vast sugar plantations and through small villages. You will be taken to the so-called anti-Caribbean place of Jarabacoa and Constanza, where the bathing suits should be kept in a bag instead the sweaters are put on.

PrivateGuide Dominican Republic is a travel through the untouched natural beauty, the rest at the best Caribbean beaches, unique local flora and fauna, rainforests, picturesque deserts, impressive Pico Duarte – the highest mountain range in the Caribbean, as well as the lowest point of Lake Enriquillo. In general a trip to the Dominican Republic is an unforgettable vacation adventure.

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