Probably, there is no such a tourist who has never wanted to visit Ecuador. The only one fact that the country derives its name from its geographical location exactly on the Equator makes this area even more desirable. PrivateGuide Ecuador gives you such an opportunity to join incredible world of tropical coastal region, to explore the highlands with their distinctly Andean flavor, and to get a portion of adrenalin traveling around the upper regions of the Amazon.

Despite its constant political instability Ecuador remains a hot tourist destination. The highlights of the country reflect its natural and historical diversity, making the visitors be surprised at every corner. Our personal guides from PrivateGuide invite you to Oriente, to enjoy the best rainforest treks, to visit the Sunday market of Otavalo, where the perfect shopping can be done, to feel the contrasts of the newly renovated and restored old town in the capital city of Quito, filled with museums, churches, old mansions as well as shops and small restaurants, to witness the a must-visit to all nature lovers – ecological paradise of the Galapagos Islands, located 600 miles west of the mainland. Finally you might be able to visit small villages where both the leisure traveler and active tourist can find an absolute treat. Moreover impressively high mountain tops and striking active volcanoes are never far away in Ecuador. One of the most famous attractions of the entire country is Port Guayaquil south west of Ecuador. Just a short distance from it, there are the beaches of Salinas and Montanita with a huge variety of water sports to practice.

Explore Ecuador with PrivateGuide and you will for sure have a holiday you will never forget. Being the second-smallest country in South America, the range of the attractions and sights the country offers the tourists is no less than astonishing.

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