Frankly speaking, Egypt is may be the only one tourists destination in the world that does not need an introduction. It gave a start to the human civilization itself, and has all the evidence to show for it. With PrivateGuide Egypt you can step back in time and find so much natural diversity as nowhere else on earth. Impression, surprise, wonder and fun accompany you throughout your travel around the country.

Herodotus once told «Now, let me talk more of Egypt for it has a lot of admirable things and what one sees there is superior to any other country». And it is still true to life. Private tour guides in Egypt from PrivateGuide offer you to start you travel from the live Nile Valley, which is a perfect dream for nature lovers. The fans of scuba diving will appreciate the exotic underwater life of the Red Sea, while the leisure seekers will surely long for the beautiful Mediterranean beaches. Of course Cairo, the capital of the country, is a must-visit. Our local guides acquaint you with the Pyramids, the Sphinxs, and Egyptian Museum, show other interesting sights. Thanks to its location on the Mediterranean Alexandria is a perfect dream for the holidaymakers. Tour guide in Egypt surely will offer you to experience the Nile cruise, as it is one of the most popular ways to see a lot of local sights. You will be taken to Luxor, full of ancient temples, and famous for its Valley of the Kings and Tutankhamun's burial place. Egypt is a tourists’ friendly country. The Egyptians show the visitors their hospitable and warm features of character.

This country is like the Great Sphinx – half-human and half-lion. Do not loose the opportunity to visit this paradise on earth. So, no matter if you can’t decide exactly where to go – just go! The beauty of Egypt is that you can change your surroundings as quickly as you change your mind.

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