Old Istanbul Private Walking Tour

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Old Istanbul Private Walking Tour


Maximum number of tourists: 6
Price per tour: 190 USD
Duration: 9 hours
Distance: 0 km
Tour by: Erol  Ütgün (Date: 16.07.2013)

Tour description

SULTAN AHMET MOSQUE is better known as the BLUE MOSQUE among the western travellers with its interior blue-white tile decoration and unique having six minarets. Mosque is open to visitors daily except the praying times but still we can see some while having religious ablution and performing their prayer..

HAGIA SOPHIA MUSEUM was built as a Church, then converted into a Mosque and now is a Museum. Stunning mosaic depictions of Jesus and Mary adorning the interior walls along with the calligraphies of Allah and Mohammed in Arabic. A church bosting having the largest dome ever built at the time and for a thousand year onward and a magnificent monument bringing together religions and cultures peacefully.

TOPKAPI PALACE was the seat of Ottoman Empire more than 380 years where 24 of 36 Sultans lived and ruled their land. The palace was transformed into a museum in 1924 and now one of the world’s richest museums with its permanent and temporary exhibition halls and a collection of 80,000 articles. Among the splendid treasures are the 86 carat 4th biggest diamond of its kind, twin pure golden candle sticks weighing 48 kg each and Topkapi Dagger are just few of these. Sultan’s garments, imperial kitchens, holy relics sections and more awaiting you

BASILICA CISTERN was built by the same Byzantine Emperor who built Hagia Sophia, Justinian, to support the city with water is the largest cistern in Istanbul now looks awesome with 336 columns and some water on the ground. Two Medusa head used as a column base at the very back of the cistern is a focal point of the visitors. We Turks have a different name for the cistern that is Sunken Palace…

GRAND COVERED BAZAAR is world famous with its 3500 tiny shops. Historical bazaar consisting of many narrow streets dedicated one types of good when it was build by Mehmet the Second after 1453 has become one of world’s busiest and lively shopping venue. Leather, jewellery, textile, fabrics and more..

SPICE BAZAAR is renowned for its shops selling delicious Turkish desserts, spices, dried fruits etc. Get ready to taste some of the most delicious desserts offered by our shop keeper. Daily local market of Mahmutpasa is held around the bazaar visited by locals for its budget shopping opportunities. Our next stop before we finish our day will be in a confectionery tasting my favourite dessert of Tulumba accompanied by Turkish Tea.

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