Estonia remains to be partly discovered by the tourists. Being the northernmost of the three Baltic States, it is characterized by its hospitality towards visitors. With PrivateGuide Estonia you will open a wide list of local attractions from nice natural parks, a lot of Islands just off the coast to some remains from the Middle Ages.

Personal guide from PrivateGuide is the best way to get acquainted with the country. If you like Prague, you will without doubts fall in love with Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. This beautiful medieval old city impresses the tourists by stunning architecture, winding streets, dozens of cafes and restaurants. Do the next stop at Lahemaa National Park, the largest of its type in the former Soviet Union. It is a chance to have rest and relax in among ancient glacier-carved hills and lakes. Many cultural and natural gems are hidden in lovely seaside towns and quiet country villages, so choose the tour guides to open you this atmosphere of holiday and solitude. Magnificent castles, pristine islands and verdant forests and marshlands are waiting for you to be discovered. Travelling south of Estonia's centre with PrivateGuide, stay for a couple of days in Tartu, moving to the western shores of the country visit spa resorts and medieval ruins scattered about. Estonia’s biggest island, Saaremaa is not to be missed Saaremaa. Towns of Angla, Karja and others meet the visitors with the beautiful surroundings, iconic windmills and 19th-century lighthouses.

Do not waste so much time and choose Estonia as a prior destination for a weekend or a month-long vacation. You won’t be bored going sightseeing in the towns and cities of the country, hiking over wooded trails, taking a horse back ride along coastline, or enjoying the ancient wilderness of medieval ruins.

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