Finland is a fairy-tale, a dreamland country for the majority of the tourists. With the tour guides from PrivateGuide you will be presented with the opportunity to enjoy the space and silence of pure nature, to practice a wide variety of activities, such as sailing and fishing, or to relax at a sauna near a lake, spend some winter days at the skiing centers in Lapland.

Our local guides offer you the trip to the trendsetting modern capital Helsinki – a destination which is worth visiting throughout the year. It houses numerous wooden churches and bright examples of modern architecture, some restaurants and cafes. Come to Finland during the warm period between late May and September to see all the beauty of local flora and varied fauna. Be sure with a personal guide from PrivateGuide you will be lucky to see the reindeer, which is a very common sight in the northern Finland, breath in the fresh air of the post-glacial lakes. The best experience is to stay at snow hotels and bedrooms in Lapland. You will never forget this trip. Do not miss Lemmenjoki National Park and Oulanka National Park, as they impress the travelers by vast forested wildernesses. With the help of private guide you can rent bicycles to explore the verdant valleys and lush woods, to hire a taxi to have sightseeing tours around the urban centers. The most interesting sight in the country is to wait for the northern lights, which appear in Finland sky. And, of course, you will be fascinated by the Finns – independent, loyal, warm and welcoming.

In Finland you feel blessed by the universe. It is a country with calm and relaxed life but at the same time with an explosion of festivals, good cheer and optimism. Tour guides from PrivateGuide reveal you a real Nordic peace that eases the soul.

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