Siyu Sheng


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Member since: August, 2011

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August 2018
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  • Country: ChinaChina
  • City: Shanghai
  • Language: 中國, English, German
  • Hourly Rate (walking): 15 USD     
  • Daily Rate (8h, walking): 120 USD     
  • Minimum hours to order : 0      
  • Auto:No
Passionate and outgoing, and responsible, I am a traveler myself and have backpacked to a lot of places around Asia. Thus I know the biggest expectation of a traveler and can give you a great sight into the traditional China ( including non-tourist spots) :)
What I offer
Customized Tours like: City Walk, Bicycle Tour, Museum Tour, Several-day tour, Tour around Shanghai or in China, play with the children, Cuisine Tour, Shopping Tour...

My Background, Licenses and certificates
German & English Bachelor with 3-year translation and guide experience, native Shanghainese and speak Tse-chuan dialect also.

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