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Pancras Malani1600South AfricaSouth AfricaCape Town

I am a very experienced and passionate tour guide and tour operator. My guiding badge number is WC 1...

Daily Rate: 160 USD

Neil Card1301South AfricaSouth AfricaCape Town

I am a well travelled professional guide having guided in 9 Southern African countries.

Daily Rate: 150 USD

Pieter Geldenhuys1000South AfricaSouth AfricaCape Town

Young, energetic storyteller will show you the best of Cape Town, the Winelands. Shark Cage Diving, ...

Hourly Rate: 20 USDDaily Rate: 150 USD

Olga  de Klerk700South AfricaSouth AfricaCape Town

Здравствуйте!\r\n\r\nЯ живу в Южной Африке почти 20 лет. Приехав в Южную Африку в начале 90х, мне пр...

Hourly Rate: 25 USDDaily Rate: 160 USD

Iuliya De Beer300South AfricaSouth AfricaCape Town

Iuliya de Beer, professional South African tour guide for Russian speaking tourists. Working for pri...

Hourly Rate: 30 USDDaily Rate: 240 USD

Kirsten  Keun 101South AfricaSouth AfricaCape Town

Explore the nature, culture and adventure of the world with me. Tourism is sharing and investing in ...

Hourly Rate: 40 USDDaily Rate: 250 USD

claudia.rocca1 ROCCA101South AfricaSouth AfricaCape Town

I have 28 years experience in guiding, am also a nature guide (ranger), enjoy people and like to get...

Hourly Rate: 15 USDDaily Rate: 150 USD

Mike Eaton00South AfricaSouth AfricaCape Town

We are experienced 4x4 driving trainers and successful registered offroad guides since 1998. My focu...

Daily Rate: 385 USD

Galina Danker 00South AfricaSouth AfricaCape Town

Hourly Rate: 30 USDDaily Rate: 240 USD

Jana Wilson00South AfricaSouth AfricaCape Town

Hourly Rate: 20 USDDaily Rate: 115 USD

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