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alessandro cecchetto2400ItalyItalyCison Di Valmarino

Hi everyone,\r\n I am Alessandro, I am 31 years old and I live in Treviso a smal...

Hourly Rate: 1 USDDaily Rate: 1 USD

Raffaele Iaccarino00ItalyItalyPompeii

I was born as a guide , I'm guide , Iwill leave this world as guide.

Hourly Rate: 10 USDDaily Rate: 80 USD

Gregor Freitag00ItalyItaly

I'm friendly, social, easy to make friends with, adjustable, reliable, commited, resourcefull, knowl...

Hourly Rate: 10 USDDaily Rate: 75 USD

vito maurogiovanni6801ItalyItalyAlberobello

I love my job!!

Hourly Rate: 15 USDDaily Rate: 160 USD

Has license: Yes

Silvia Melis200ItalyItalyCagliari

My name is Silvia and I’m an archaeologist and a licensed tour guide based in Cagliari. I guide pr...

Hourly Rate: 20 USDDaily Rate: 125 USD

Daniela Matera14407ItalyItalyTrani

Hourly Rate: 25 USDDaily Rate: 175 USD

Gianluca Guadagnino2700ItalyItalyBari

Experienced and qualified tour guide for Apulia (southern Italy)

Hourly Rate: 25 USDDaily Rate: 175 USD

Has license: Yes

Alessandro Alessandro00ItalyItalyVenice

I am very passionate and truly italian man! I love my job and I would like to mee you!

Hourly Rate: 26 USDDaily Rate: 200 USD

anna Bilardi Leva2500ItalyItalyCapri Na

hello this is Anna Bilardi and im an official local guide since 1982 If you are looking for a priv...

Daily Rate: 300 USD

Has license: Yes

Gabriela Fanni1500ItalyItalyCagliari

Welcome to Sardinia! My name is Gabriela Fanni, I am a professional, licensed tour guide in the bea...

Hourly Rate: 40 USDDaily Rate: 200 USD

Has license: Yes

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