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Ercan Yavuz200TurkeyTurkeyCanakkale

I\'ve been working officially as a Tour guide for 8 years. I was a guide all around my country but I...

Hourly Rate: 80 USDDaily Rate: 200 USD

Ayse LALE Morçöl KOSAGAN1303TurkeyTurkeyIstanbul

I am in my 26th year of guiding...People describe me as : "Lale is very flexible, easy going, e...

Hourly Rate: 75 USDDaily Rate: 300 USD

Beatrice de Salles1303TurkeyTurkey

I am experienced 15 Yrs + International Tour Guide, speak many languages and I am very organized. ...

Hourly Rate: 75 USDDaily Rate: 350 USD

Ugur ILGAR302TurkeyTurkeyIstanbul

I am travel blogger & professional personal shopper who lives in Istanbul. I have been living in...

Hourly Rate: 75 USDDaily Rate: 375 USD

ALi KARADENIZ202TurkeyTurkeyIstanbul

DISCOVER and ENJOY magical ISTANBUL with me.I can guide you in a distinguished way through histori...

Hourly Rate: 70 USDDaily Rate: 200 USD

Nesrin Simay3005TurkeyTurkeyIstanbul

I live and work as a private tourist guide in İstanbul.I love my job and I really enjoy introducing ...

Hourly Rate: 60 USDDaily Rate: 480 USD

Selcuk Sebilcioglu1500TurkeyTurkeyIstanbul

Hi, this is Selcuk, a local professional tour guide from Istanbul with an experience of 18 years. If...

Hourly Rate: 60 USDDaily Rate: 250 USD

Has license: Yes

Salim Basar3002TurkeyTurkeyIstanbul

I have been working in tourism since 1998 as i have studied Tourism and hotel management (English) a...

Hourly Rate: 50 USDDaily Rate: 200 USD

Has license: Yes

volkan avci2900TurkeyTurkeyEphesus

I do not claim that i'm the best guide for you but what i know is i exactly can provide and offer w...

Hourly Rate: 50 USDDaily Rate: 200 USD

Has license: Yes

Sinan  Tortum2301TurkeyTurkeyIstanbul

I have been guiding in Turkey in english and norwegian since 1997. Because I have an education in so...

Hourly Rate: 50 USDDaily Rate: 270 USD

Has license: Yes

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