Want to have a trip to a magical land – then choose the travel to Iceland with PrivateGuide. We take great efforts to make your journey pleasant and unforgettable. Our personal guides show you all the beauty of the surrounding nature. You will be able to see huge mountains, romantic fjords, hot springs, volcanoes, and unique bird and sea life. 

Reykjavik – is a sort of city, where traditional and modern go hand in hand. On one hand you can enjoy ancient examples of the architecture and visit various museums, on the other – soak in thermal swimming pools and spas, and burst into noisy nightlife. Believe that tour guides from PrivateGuide involve you into the world of bird cliffs and volcanic landforms, which you can see during the trip to Breidafjordur, Latrabjarg, and Vigur in the west of the country. Looking for a place ideal for a bird watching, choose Northern Iceland, especially Skagafjordur. The Highlands offer tourists the spots of virgin wilderness, so these areas are better to explore on foot. Our local guides propose you another alternative – to ride horseback across the highlands. We know Iceland as the locals do. So it will be interesting for you to find out that because of woodcutting and volcanic activity, there are virtually no trees on the island. There is only one small “forest”, being a national reservation. There’s no better place on earth to come eye-to-eye with sleek, spouting whales than in Husavik.

If you are interested in nature, Iceland is a very place to visit. With private tour guides from PrivateGuide glaciers, mountains, volcanoes and countless waterfalls keep you interesting all the way around Iceland.

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