Do you know what does the word “Bharat” mean in Hindi? If no, with personal guides from PrivateGuide you will get to know all the variety of interesting facts about India. This is what the word “Bharat” means. Our local guides provide the tourists with a deep insight into the culture and traditions of this wonderful country. India surprises and astonishes, as on one side we can see snow clad mountains, on the other – there is a hot desert, while the mountain ranges are close to coastal plains.

Looking for a beautiful, yet, a unique experience, you are on a right way, choosing India, a country where beyond the pollution and the poverty, one can find unique atmosphere of profound vibrations with centuries of long interesting history. Start exploring the country from the foot of Himalayas, where Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand are located. There the tourists are offered a wide range of the activities, beginning with skiing and river rafting, and finishing with mountaineering and trekking. Have a camel ride in such Northern states as Rajasthan, Punjab and Delhi, visit the Pink City of Jaipur, called so because of the Kings’ Palaces built with pink stones, enjoy Udaipur – the City of Lakes. Do not miss Amritsar, famous for its Golden Temple, a holy place to Sikhs and the heritage heartland of India – Uttar Pradesh known for the most seen tourist spot Taj Mahal. Bollywood. Who has never heard of it? It is Indian version of Hollywood and the world's largest film industry by number of movies made every year. You are advised to visit it. We say Goa, and we mean total relaxation, beautiful beaches and ancient churches. This small state attracts many tourists from all over the world. You should also check if Lord Irwin was right calling Manipur the «Switzerland of India». Traveling to eastern India you will experience the atmosphere of the largest freshwater lake, called Loktak. Southern India impresses the visitors by its diversity. Traditional palaces, gardens in blossom, ancient temples and churches built over thousands of years will attract anyone.

It is practically impossible to give a brief introduction of everything you can see in India. Your eyes just fail to open wide enough to take in all vivid colors, impressive sights, and interesting people. That’s why the local guides from PrivateGuide choose for you the most remarkable places, taking into account all your wishes and desires.


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