A trip to Ireland is worth trying. It consists of the Republic of Ireland containing 26 counties and Northern Ireland possessing 6 counties. The country has been steeped in history with the countless medieval castles and early Christian monasteries. Misty green countryside, a scenic combination of lakes, mountains, sea and sky – this is what Ireland is known for. Tour guides from PrivateGuide acquaint you with rich culture and traditions of Ireland, make you fall in love with legends and folklore, remember forever its warm-hearted and friendly people. PrivateGuide provides a wonderful experience for the travelers to get closer to a special world under the name of Ireland. 

Local guides from PrivateGuide help you to experience the wilderness of Donegal, harbour villages of County Cork, surf the beaches of Bundoran, or hiking the spots of Kerry. You can also have some cultural pleasures, such as a dinner at one of the restaurants in Dublin or Belfast, the concert of traditional Irish music in Galway. If you consider yourself a nature lover, private tour guides offer you a trip to Burren region, full of underground springs, caverns, chasms, and cracks. Do not miss the Killarney National Park – ideal for hiking and biking as well. You are sure to have a wonderful time close to nature in Clonmacnois, Connemara, and Sligo. Ireland is a wonderland for the literature lovers. They can’t help appreciating the rich cultural heritage of the country from James Joyce to George Bernard Shaw. The Irish are hospitable and welcoming people, they are unlike the residents of many countries, and visitors, coming to Ireland, will find it easy to make friends with the local people.

Ireland is one of those perfect tourists’ spots apart from one thing – the weather. But do not be foolish to let this fact stop you. If you fall in love with Ireland, you will have to return. Either way, Ireland's the place to meet people and circumstances that will change your life.

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