Israel is a nation of fascinating stories, beautiful landscapes, and a charming and deliciously funny national character. It is a land full of treasures and contradictions. With tour guides from PrivateGuide you will check it on your own experience. Being a very young country, its capital of Jerusalem is some five millennia old. This ancient land has managed to retain much of its traditional identity, that’s why do not loose the opportunity to soak the culture and traditions of the holy country of Israel. 

Israel offers plenty of attractions. Sometimes it is very difficult to choose what exact places to visit. With our local guides your program will be surely interesting. One day you explore the wind-swept Negev desert, another day you have rest, sipping local wine in the beautiful Golan. The whole day is not enough to see all the sights of Jerusalem, such as the Western Wall and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Do not omit the stop at Tel Aviv, a dazzling amalgam of past and present, and a real hub for clubbers. The services of private guide guarantee you not only interesting excursions but also a leisurely weekend, as you can surf, ski, ride horses, work on a kibbutz, float in the Dead Sea, or hike across the Israel National Trail.

Israel is a perfect destination, as it has marvelous old cities, good beaches and plenty of culture, holy places, and really good food.

Despite the fact that country is mostly desert, yet it boasts of rolling green hills, olive groves, and beautiful vineyards. Amid the glamour and excitement of its modern capital, the personal guide from PrivateGuide will give you a nod to history, offering to visit country’s world-class attractions. You will never forget this ancient land, cultural wonder, and tourist delight. 

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