Rafting tour in nepal

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Rafting tour in nepal


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Tour by: karki Baburam (Date: 16.03.2013)

Tour description

Rafting in Nepal
Nepal only single greatest places in the world for rafting and kayaking, its mountain scenery has drawn trekkers as well as climbers for many years these same mountains profile an unbelievable diversity of whitewater challenges for paddlers. A sequence of world's most exceptional river trips are found here, intense from steep, adrenaline exciting mountain streams to classic large quantity wilderness expeditions. The combination of amazing rivers, mountain scenery and rich cultural heritage makes Nepal an obvious river-runner's destination.No other country has such a choice of trips on wild rivers with warm water, a subtropical climate and huge beaches with white sand that are ideal for camping. The chance for kayak journey is excellent.

Before you make a decision what river you will do, you require deciding what it is you want out of your river trip. Nepal offer trips available from one day to twelve days on diverse rivers, all contribution spectacularly different experience and first off, don't believe that just because it's river it's going to be damp and wild. Some rivers, such as the Sun Koshi, which is an incredible full-on white water trip in September and October, are basically flat and uneventful in the low water of early spring.

Name of the River : Trisuli

Distance : 1/2 Days

Duration : 38 km

Best Season : Sep-Mid to Des, Feb-Early to July

The Trisuli, one of Nepal's raftable rivers, due to its proximity to Kathmandu and its easy road access, for first time rafters it offers plenty of excitement. Many choose to incorporate a ride down the Trisuli with either a trip to Pokhara or to the Royal Chitwan National Park

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