Despite many years of Nazi and Soviet occupation, Latvia has been chosen as a prior destination by a great number of international tourists. “The Heart of the Baltics” – this is how the country is usually called. Tour guides from PrivateGuide open for you the country with interesting history, endless sights and picturesque sceneries. 

Latvia has its own “Switzerland of Vidzeme”. The country is proud of its town of Sigulda, being a major draw for the hikers and skiers. Not less interesting are the medieval Turaida Castle and Guaja National Park, located nearby. History lovers with the professional help of our local guides will be able to appreciate the ancient architecture of Riga, marvelous capital city of Latvia and the best base for exploring the country. You can devote the whole day to going sightseeing or shopping, but do not think your day in the capital is over. Riga’s unforgettable night life bursts out after midnight, making it one of Eastern Europe's most fun cities. According to the fact that Latvia is a relatively small country, most of its main attractions can be seen within the daytrips from the capital. If we ask a foreigner what he knows about Latvia, he surely remembers Jurmala, one of the region's top seaside destinations. Apart from the beaches there are also some examples of great Jugendstil architecture and beautiful forests, where the tourists can go hiking
With PrivateGuide you can discover today’s Latvia, which is vibrant, enigmatic and marvelous. It is a land of historic villages, uncovered long-buried treasures, splendid art-nouveau architecture, and virgin terrain. You have the chance to catch the unique Latvia's moments. Do it before everyone else does.

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