Despite of a brutal and protracted civil war, Lebanon managed to keep its positions as one of the most disable tourist destinations. With personal guides from PrivateGuide you will be able to hit one of the untrodden jackpots under the name of Lebanon.

The country’s offerings include, first of all, the remnants of its ancient past. Byblos – is the exact place to feel the spirit of the history. Our local guides tell you that the city is ranked as one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world. Traveling east of Byblos, you will get to the town of Baalbek, famous for its empire’s largest temple complex. The history lovers appreciate the beauty of Mamluk architecture, found in Tripoli (Trablous). Apart from various excursions to the historically significant places, all the same, the most popular daytime option of Lebanon is lounging on the beach. Being one of the most captivating countries in the Middle East, Lebanon offers the visitors a unique combination of ultramodern and ancient. The best example of such a combination is the town of Jounieh – a former quite fishing village, nowadays it is a town, full of nightclubs and bars, attracting the tourists to spend the summer weekend. Beirut is also a party place, proving the fact that it is usually called the “Paris of the Orient”. Moreover, the personal guide from PrivateGuide is a specialist in Lebanon's cuisine, which is considered to be the richest in the region. So, you will surely be suggested the national dishes and drinks.

What do the tourists need? Untouched landscapes, legendary sights, hospitality of the local people, incredibly tasty food, sparkling nightlife, and excitement, waiting at every turn, – with the professional help of private tour guides your trip to Lebanon will be the experience of your lifetime.

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