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Flexibility is the key word on the tailor made tours I provide. This means that I'll help you to create your own tour itinerary, so you can see the places you want, the way you want to see them.
I love my city and my job dearly and therefore it's a great pleasure for me to show you Rio.
What I offer
I offer a wide scope of customized private tours in Rio from walking and bike tours to sailing and diving tours. Tell me what your interests are and let me help you to create your own tour, so you can see what really matters to you.

My Background, Licenses and certificates
I was born and raised in Rio. In 2003, after living for 8 years abroad, I've decided to come back to my hometown, and for the past 10 years I've been working full time as a licensed and accredited private local tour guide in Rio. I'm quite fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese and have a degree in tourism and an MBA on environmental management.

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