It is practically impossible to imagine Luxembourg without wars and victories, fortresses and dynasties. It is like a fairy-tale with the happy ending. Our professional local guides from PrivateGuide involve you into the history of this amazing country, acquaint you with the locals whose motto is “We want to remain what we are”, show you the best sights the country offers. 

Despite the fact that the country is mainly rural based, there are some urban spots, providing the toursts with the opportunities for modern entertainment. You will be fascinated with incredibly diverse landscape of Luxembourg: from highlands and valleys of the northern Ardennes to the forested areas of eastern pasrt of the country. The local guides show you the Moselle Valley, surrounded with vineyards. There is a wide spread joke that the full name of the country – the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is even bigger then its territory. Luxembourg City is a must-see for every tourist, coming to the country. It is not only the capital, it is nation’s pride. The private tour guides give you a hand in discovering the best samples of rich Luxembourg City’s architecture, such as the Place d'Armes, the Grand Ducal Palace, and the Notre-Dame Cathedral. Outside the capital, the best choice is the vibrant town of Echternach, which makes another enjoyable stop. Moving closer to the German border, you will get in touch with “Little Switzerland” of Luxembourg, as the region of Mullerthal is sometimes called. National customs and traditions, kept in many quaint local villages, scattered among the hills and waterfalls, are of great interest for the international tourists.
The visitors, choosing Luxembourg as a prior destination, have their own reasons. Some of them want to see the country, which became one of the six founding members of the European Economic Community (later the European Union), the others are eager to see the land of rich history, to enjoy the scenic beauty of the surrounding landscapes, to soak the gentle hospitality of the locals. No matter what is your reason to visit Luxembourg, with PrivateGuide all your wishes and dreams will come true.

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